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Why go Offshore?

High net worth individuals are constantly worried about their wealth, investments, estate, liabilities for taxes and future creditors. Many of them have already taken measures to protect their assets. In an increasingly complex world, it is no longer just a concern only to high paid professionals, executives, business owners, and developers. It is everyone’s concern.

Today’s world is an environment filled with lawsuits, taxes, accidents and financial risks that can easily wipe out anyone’s assets. No matter how safe you feel, you can never be certain that the wealth you have built up over a lifetime won’t suddenly be taken from you tomorrow. Whatever your occupation or lifestyle, we all sail close to financial disaster and potential liability. If you are one of those people, you may now work through trust companies, custodians and banks which are licensed and fully regulated in the selected jurisdictions. Think about it, when you work hard for the financial rewards, you deserve a better way to protect your assets and you may have to work even harder to achieve this aim.


Protect your assets

With a properly located and structured offshore company, you can sleep at ease at night without worrying that your assets may be attached to a potential law-suit, that your investment be subject to a heavy tax penalty, or that your business be restricted by legislation and their private affairs.


Retain Privacy

Your privacy is our number one priority. We have the most stringent standards with regard to our client’s privacy. On occasions we do offer nominee services for clients. We can incorporate for you within a very short period of time an offshore company in a country outlined in this site. In fact, if you choose from our list of ready-made shelf companies, we can even begin to transfer your assets offshore today. These offshore companies allow you absolute control over your assets with utmost privacy. All business, including investment and banking, is conducted under corporate ownership, keeping the names of the shareholders, directors and officers anonymous. There is no corporate registry to review the names of past and current shareholders, directors and officers for companies incorporated in Bahamas, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Cayman Islands and other countries we offer. You can also benefit from extremely flexible legislation, ease of operations, no taxes and political stability. Of course, it is always prudent for you to check with a lawyer in your country to confirm the legalities of relocating your assets.


Nominee Directors and Shareholders

In order to ensure complete privacy, you may consider the service of Nominee Directors and Nominee Shareholders / Board Members offered by us. Employment of professional nominees who agree to undertake an appointed corporate position may sometimes be one of the ways to avoid unnecessary disclosure of details of your affairs.