Cayman - Hong Kong Corporate Services Limited is part of the CCS Group with operation in Hong Kong, along with CCS Trustees Limited providing full trust and company management services in the BVI, and CCS Management Limited providing company management services in Anguilla.

Since 1996, CCS Group have been holding and maintaining Class I Trust License in the BVI, Company Management License in Anguilla, and License of Trust or Company Secretary Service in Hong Kong, with which we provide a full range of professional corporate management services to our valuable clients. Having operations in the BVI, Anguilla, London, Hong Kong, we are able to offer services and solutions in almost any jurisdiction via our extensive international network.

Cayman-Hong Kong Corporate Services was established in 1981 by our founder William Au-Yang. Over time CCS has developed and thrived steadily and is now one of the recognized and professionally respected names in the industry. We remain privately owned and fully independent. For more than 30 years we have delivered specialist corporate services to individuals, intermediaries and corporations.

We take a long term view to strategic decision making, guided at all times by our core values and the needs of our clients. By investing in people, infrastructure and our corporate culture, we commits ourselves to best delivery in class services. We provide a stable environment for, both internally and externally, for sustainable development building and empowering trust in our clients, business partners and employees.


Excellence In Our Services:

Our reputation has been built from decades of continued excellence. We have longstanding relationships with major law firms, accountancy firms and independent advisors. Whether for private clients, intermediaries, business owners or corporations, we pride ourselves on responsiveness and quality service delivery. We strive to maintain the affairs of our clients strictly confidential and guarantee that business referred to us will be treated strictly confidential. Any on-going business requirements of such clients will wherever possible, be directed back to the referrer.

Independence In Our Operations:

We are a wholly independent corporate services provider. We have no formal attachment to any financial institution and are therefore free from the conflicting interest this can bring. We are also absent from the short term pressures which institutional investors often impose. This allows us to focus purely on servicing the needs of our clients, doing what we do best whilst looking to the long term.

Stability In Our Development:

For more than 30 years we have navigated a shifting industry landscape, increased regulation, and the changing composition of our peers. Throughout, we have not only survived but thrived, by staying focused and committed to our core values. As one of professional corporate services providers in the market, we have an in depth knowledge of various jurisdictions and stay humble and remain committed to our industry and our place within it.